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The Camel House

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Friday 17th:

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827): Piano Concert Nr. 1 C-Dur op. 15

Matthew McLachlan (15), Piano

Piano Concert Nr. 2 B-Dur op. 19

Rose McLachlan (13), Piano

Piano Concert Nr. 3 c-moll op. 37

Callum McLachlan (17), Piano

Saturday 18th:

Piano Concert Nr. 4 G-Dur op. 58 + Piano Concert Nr. 5 Es-Dur op. 73

Murray McLachlan, Piano

Orchestralpart digitally provided.

Conductor of all performances: Mrs. Kathryn McLachlan




The Camel House has been fortunate enough to have some exceptional concerts over the past years but the next concerts on the 1718th June eclipse all of them for their uniqueness.

Murray McLachlan ( is well known for his exceptional repertoire and wonderful performances.  The most recent was his performance in The Camel House of the 32 Beethoven Sonatas.

The next two concerts on the 17th/18th June (each 7:30 p.m.) will feature the five piano concertos of Beethoven.  The orchestral part is provided by a recording known as Minus One.  Two technicians are coming over from the UK to monitor the recording and ensure that the orchestral part follows the pianist.  The whole performance will be conducted by Mrs Kathryn McLachlan, herself a distinguished pianist.

Three of their children, Matthew (15), Rose (13) and Callum (17) are performing the first, second and third piano concerti of Beethoven on the Friday evening.  Murray is playing the fourth and fifth concerti on the Saturday.  If this is not a unique event then we don’t know what is.

More about the McLachlan Family of Pianists you can find atünstler-artists/.

The Friday concert is 15 euros and the Saturday concert is, as usual, 25 euros.  That makes it 40 euros for both concerts and all five concerti.  Please don’t miss it.  It will be spectacular!

Ticket reservations:


Tel. +34 928 834 150 and +34 658269142.

Warmest good wishes

Sir Ernest Hall


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