11th April 2015





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The Camel House


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Sonata in C minor op. 10 no 1

Sonata in E flat op 7


Sonata In G major op. 14 no. 2

Sonata in c minor op 111.


Our next Concert on the 11th April (7:30 pm) is the final concert in the wonderful series of the complete piano sonatas of Beethoven played by Murray McLachlan. What a thrilling series it has been. Speak to anyone who has attended any of these concerts and they will tell you what a spellbinding experience it was.

The final concert contains the last sonata Beethoven wrote, Opus 111 in C minor. The first movement is one of the most dramatic and powerful of all the sonatas. But Beethoven miraculously changes the key from minor to major and the sonata ends with the most ethereal and heavenly movement of the whole sonatas.

Please do not miss the final concert. We doubt whether the 32 Beethoven piano sonatas will be played again on the Canary Isles.

We look forward to welcoming you.

With warmest good wishes.
Sir Ernest Hall

Tickets for the concert: € 25,–.

Ticket reservations:


Tel. +34 928 834 150 and +34 658 269142.


Rosi + Hans Croonenbroeck

Tel. +34 928836252, Mobile: +34 648928814


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